18x36 with 4x8 Left Hand Step Mesh Arctic Armor Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Item# ws362

Product Description

These safety covers are for standard rectangle shaped pools with a 4'x8' with a Left Hand Step Section available in green or blue. Picture is a stock photo for representation purpose. If you need a custom cover, please download the custom cover measuring form and contact us for a quote.

Our swimming pool safety covers can be installed easily as long as you have a least 2 - 3 feet of concrete deck space. The cover comes complete with brass anchors, stainless-steel springs, installation tool and storage bag; anchors for use with a wood deck sold separately. Click here to learn how to install the swimming pool safety cover.

Backed by a 12-Year Manufacturer Warranty - Click here to read the warranty card.


Durable, long-lasting Arctic Armor covers are strong enough to support your entire family, yet light enough to put on or remove from your pool in five minutes or less. Arctic Armor covers are made of super-strong two-ply mesh with a break strength of over 4,000 lbs. During use, the cover is held in place with brass anchors. These anchors recess flush with the deck when the cover is not in use. Rest assured that your children and pets are protected from accidental drowning. In addition to its safety features, Arctic Armor affords excellent winter protection for your pool. Its fine, lightweight mesh allows rain to seep through but screens out leaves and debris. Spring clean up is a snap because no water collects on the cover.

Please note that these rectangular sizes listed are the ""pool size"". The actual cover size is 2 feet longer and wider than stated. For example, the 12x20 size is actually 14x22. Sizes 25x50 and above have a 3 foot overlap.

Or, step up to our stronger 15 YEAR Swimming Pool Safety Covers


Features Superior Shading, Strength, and a Tighter Mesh

Arctic Armor Super Mesh is the finest mesh safety cover you can buy – period! While functioning as a traditional safety cover, it will protect your family and pets from accidental drowning while improving the appearance of your pool in the off-season. Super Mesh features include:

SUPERIOR STRENGTH – Super Mesh’s fabric is made from very tough strands, making it stronger than standard mesh material and better able to withstand heavy snow loads and extreme wind. Rugged stainless steel dual springs provide added strength and will not become “sprung” under the weight of snow and ice.

TIGHTER WEAVE – Super Mesh’s tightly woven fabric provides two levels of protection. Since this tight weave provides almost total shade, the sun’s algae producing rays do not enter the water, leaving your pool virtually algae-free in the spring. This super tight weave allows water to seep through the cover, but filters out all but the finest debris. Since almost not dirt or debris gets into your pool, spring opening is quicker, easier and requires fewer chemicals.

LIGHTWEIGHT – All this protection in a lightweight cover that is easy to install and remove! Plus, increased U.V. stabilizers embedded in Super Mesh keep your cover like-new, even after many years of harsh sunlight.

Arctic Armor Brand Inground Swimming Pool Super Mesh Gold safety covers are installed like conventional safety covers, using brass anchors that recess flush with your deck when not in use. It installs using a special installation tool that prevents removal without it. The cover comes complete with brass anchors, stainless steel dual springs, installation tool, storage bag and complete installation instructions.

It is built the best and backed by a 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Click here to read the warranty card

Please note that the sizes listed are the "pool size". The actual cover size is 2 feet longer and wider than stated. For example, the 12x20 size is actually 14x22. Sizes 25x50 and above have a 3 foot overlap.

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