Del Ozone Generator

Del Ozone Generator
Item# NC3235

Product Description

Ozone Generator for Aboveground Swimming Pools


Reduces chemical consumption 60-90% while maintaining crystal clear-germ free water!

Ozone is rapidly becoming the sanitizer of choice in bodies of water all over the world. In Europe ozone is so effective at killing contaminants that it is used to purify the drinking water in most countries there. Ozone produces oxygen molecules that are an extremely powerful sanitizer, killing 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and molds on contact. Del Clearís Corona Discharge System produces 5 times the amount of germ killing ozone as other units. Now with Del Clear you can use this powerful sanitizer that uses no chemicals to keep your above ground pool water safe and crystal clear. With our ozonator you can reduce the use of chemicals up to 90%. Ozone is 100% natural (itís pure oxygen) and it insures a healthy, safe pool.

The unit is easy to install, completely automatic, and is effective on pools up to 25,000 gallons. Enjoy the benefits of ozone this season with the powerful Del-Clear Corona Discharge Ozonator.

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