Peel and Stick Pool Cove Packs Starting At

Peel and Stick Pool Cove Packs Starting At
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Peel and Stick Pool Cove Packs Starting At
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Pool Cove will not wash out like sand or dirt you build by hand A SMALL INVESTMENT THAT WILL ADD YEARS TO THE LIFE OF YOUR ABOVE-GROUND LINER!

Make sure the place pool cove around the bottom, inside circumference of your pool wall before installing your new liner. Pool cove will help prevent excessive stretching and premature wearing, adding years to the life of your new swimming pool liner . Peel & Stick pool cove has an adhesive backing for quick, easy installation. 48 length.

Here are the pool cove installation instructions.

Pool Size Number of Strips Needed
12ft Round 10
15ft Round 12
18ft Round 15
21ft Round 17
24ft Round 19
27-28ft Round 22
30ft Round 24
33ft Round 26
12x20ft Oval 14
12x24ft Oval 16
15x24ft Oval 16
15x30ft Oval 19
16x32ft Oval 21
18x33ft Oval 22
18x40 Oval 26
21x41 Oval 27

When you purchase a replacement swimming pool liner, it's a great idea to add the Gladon Peel and Stick Swimming Pool Cove. In order to keep the swimming pool liner in place and protect the structure of the pool wall and liner, most people tend to build a sand or dirt cove that could easily be washed out; causing a lot of stress to the vinyl liner.  The Pool Cove Sticks from Gladon solves that problem. Gladon Peel n Place Cove is an economical alternative to sand and dirt cove and can be installed easily. Here are the instructions and how to install swimming pool cove.

The cove sticks are easy to install; just release the backing and position on the clean and dry postion.  The tacky adhesive backing will hold the lightweight, flexible cove sections in place until the liner is filled with water.

  • Tacky adhesive backing
  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Eliminates tons of dirt
  • Adheres to pool wall
  • Installs quick and easy
  • Does not wash out
  • Easy to work with 4 foot sections

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