Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller
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Product Description

Never worry about running out of cold drinks again with the Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller.

Chill cans in 1 minute, bottles in 3.5 minutes, and 750mL wine bottles in 6 minutes to refrigerator cold at the touch of a button. EXTRA option makes it easy to chill drinks to ice cold 33°F for those really hot days in double the above times without the fear of over freezing or exploding.

Simple to use, add ice cubes, water, plug in, and select your chill settings on the easy to use electronic touchpad—stops automatically when done. Great for the wine drinker who does not have a lot of refrigerator space, yet needs to chill wine at a moments notice to the correct serving temperature—remember, refrigerator temperature can be too cold for certain wines. No more guess work and frustration when chilling wine, chill to 68° F in 1 minute, 53° F in 3.5 minutes, and 43° F in 6 minutes—perfectly safe to chill your delicate wines or wines with sediment. Great for the person who forgets to pre-plan, entertains often, or is always running out of cold drinks. Patented process is 90 times faster than your refrigerator for chilling cans and is perfectly safe for beer and soda which will not foam over or explode upon opening. Patented chilling process is much faster than a freezer, frozen gel sleeves, and other quick chillers. Small size and lightweight to fit anywhere. Great solution for your wine and beverage entertaining needs and makes for a great gift!

  • 120V household plug
  • Easily chill white wine in 3.5 minutes to 53° F or in 6 minutes to 43° F
  • Chill single-serve cans in 1 minute and bottles in 3.5 minutes to refrigerator cold or to ice cold 33F in double the time—safe for carbonated drinks will not foam over upon opening
  • Quick set up; add ice cubes, water, and plug in
  • Stylish appearance and makes for a great gift
  • Easy to use and understand keypad—chilling process stops automatically

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